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  • Drainage Pump HOMA Pumpen

    HOMA PUMPEN Internationally successful with system. HOMA combines safety, economy, high-quality and robust system technology with individual possibilities. The submersible pumps have been successfully used throughout the world for decades and are

  • Drainage / Domestic waste water disposal HOMA

    Bully C140 Submersible pumps for clear and drainage water. The network frequency is 50 Hz in the EU. In other parts of the world, such as in the North American region, Brazil, Saudi Arabia or South Korea 60 Hz. HOMA pumps are available for both frequency ranges.

  • Products HOMA Pumpen

    HOMA CH432 and CH436 stainless steel submersible drainage pumps are suitable for pumping corrosive, abrasive or chemically aggressive liquids, drainage water or chemicals containing soft solids up to 10 mm diameter. They are used in various domestic, industrial or municipal applications.

  • Drainage / Domestic waste water disposal HOMA

    The wide range of HOMA submersible motor pumps and lifting units always provides an optimum solution for the removal of fresh water, waste water and sewage-whether for private applications, or in a business or industrial environment. In fields such as stationary or mobile cellar drainage, sanitary facilities, for emergency use during flooding, for

  • Pump Manufacturers :: Homa Pumps :: Homa

    2021-4-28 · Homa Drainage Pumps. Homa Drainage pumps now available from Prestige Pumps Ltd including the following ranges. C80, C135, C140, C225, C237, C238, C239, CR253, CR360, H16, H119, H106, H125, H165, H172, H179, H501, H609, TP22, TP26, TP35, TPM, TPV. Sort by Popularity. Newest Items First. Sort Alphabetically: A to Z. Sort Alphabetically: Z to A.

  • H Series Homa Pump

    HOMA’s H Series line of drainage pumps is designed for pumping dirty water, clean water, and water with abrasive solids. They are designed for application in building sites, wells, tunnels, irrigation, and on ships. Dewatering pumps designed for use in building sites, wells, tunnels, irrigation, and ships

  • Homa Pump

    HOMA is a Leading Global Manufacturer of Submersible Pumps. HOMA products are known worldwide for superb engineering and adherence to the strictest standards throughout the manufacturing process producing the highest quality, most reliable pumping equipment available. HOMA manufactures only submersible pumps

  • TP Series Homa Pump

    High Performance in Waste Water Pumping. The HOMA TP series of effluent pumps is designed for low-flow solids handling in commercial, industrial, and light municipal applications. The TP line is available with either single-vane or vortex impellers from 1

  • HOMA C80 Drainage / Domestic Waste Water

    HOMA C80 Drainage Pumps by HOMA Pumps. The C 80 scavenger is suitable for irrigation, water transfer and drainage in clear water. For flat-water exhaust to min. 2 mm. Pumping water from collection tanks, for flood relief and water removal from wa...

  • Homa Chromatic Submersible Chemical Pump

    2015-4-24 · The Homa Chromatic submersible chemical pump is designed for irrigation and drainage of chemically aggressive water. The CH 291 can be used for pumping water from sumps, pits and rooms, drainage

  • HOMA Pumps Profile Environmental Expert

    More than 70 years of experience in pump manufacturing. Originally founded as a service shop in 1946, HOMA is today an independent dynamic global company specialized in the design and manufacture of pumps and systems that utilize submersible motor technology. HOMA pumps are primarily used for waste water disposal in buildings and on construction sites for surface drainage as well as municipal

  • Homa Chromatic Submersible Chemical Pump

    The Homa Chromatic submersible chemical pump is designed for irrigation and drainage of chemically aggressive water. The CH 291 can be used for pumping water from sumps, pits and rooms, drainage disposal in industrial and commercial applications and flood relief.

  • Pumps for Sanitary Engineering, Dewatering and Drainage

    2020-11-4 · HOMA Chromatic pumps are sub-mersible, jacket cooled drainage pumps for pumping water from basements, cellars, sumps and collection tanks, for pumping discharge from hand basins, showers and washing machines, for flood relief and water removal from water courses or reservoirs.

  • Homa Pumps Installation, Service, Repair Alton

    2021-3-9 · Homa Pumps started as a submersible motor manufacturer in the 1960’s. The company expanded into pump production and have been designing and manufacturing pumps for over 50 years. The Homa brand is known for quality, reliability and economy. Homa pumps can provide permanent or portable pump solutions and are suitable for: Dewatering

  • Electric Submersible Sewage Pumps HOMA Ranges KX86

    2012-2-7 · Submersible drainage pumps Contractor pumps Drainage pumps for emergency application Deepwell submersible pumps Submersible sewage pumps HOMA submersible wastewater pumps are designed for pumping sewage, sludge, effluents or surface water, including liquids containing a large pro-

  • Homa High Temperature Submersible Pump

    Applications. The Homa high temperature submersible pump is suitable for pumping clear water or drainage water with high temperatures. With the advantage of thick wall casting for dissipation of heat and Viton seals, they are the ideal solution to pump condensate, clear water or drainage water up to

  • The TP Series of Effluent Pumps from HOMA : Quote,

    The TP series of effluent pumps from HOMA has been designed particularly for handling low-flow solids in industrial, light municipal, and commercial applications. The TP series features either single-vane or vortex impellers ranging from 1 hp to 5 hp, including optional FM-approved explosion-proof models for use in hazardous locations.

  • Submersible Pumps For Drainage & Dewatering

    Buy Submersible Pumps online at Whisper Pumps. Specialist Suppliers of Submersible Water Pumps for Flood Water Drainage & Dewatering Lowara Ebara Grundfos Koshin JS. Best Price Guarantee Free UK Delivery on orders over £100

  • Flygt Ready 4 Model 2004 BS 230V Submersible

    The Ready 4, 230 volt, 2004 model submersible pump from Flygt is a multi purpose. multiple use pump which has been constructed for duration. Whether it’s for construction or industrial sites, manholes or emergency situations, you’ll be ready for on-the-spot dewatering time and time again.

  • Welcome to HCP Pumps South Africa HCP Pumps

    HCP Pumps SA is the sole importer of HCP Pumps in South Africa. Our products can be found in the mining and construction industries. The smaller pumps are used by domestic households, plumbers and farmers. “We Sell Solutions” says it all! We have built our reputation on the fact that we will only offer a pump if we know it will work.