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  • MSHA Communications and Tracking for

    Manufacturers must obtain the appropriate MSHA approvals for the systems to be used in gassy underground mines. We encourage all interested manufacturers of communication and tracking technologies to contact us. Interested parties should contact Wesley Shumaker at [email protected] MSHA-approved Communication and Tracking Technologies

  • MSHA Approves Mine Emergency Communications

    2011-7-21 · MSHA Approves Mine Emergency Communications System. The MagneLink™ Magnetic Communication System is a wireless, through-the-earth communication system developed by Lockheed Martin and tested


    2021-5-7 · MSHA APPROVAL MAKES SENTINEL™ UNITI SYSTEM A GAME-CHANGER IN MINING DATA TRANSMISSION LYNCHBURG, VA, June 22, 2020 Innovative Wireless Technologies, Inc. received notification that the SENTINEL ™ Uniti System is now approved by MSHA for use within gassy areas of underground mines.


    2014-7-18 · Technologies was issued MSHA Approval for the Model PED1 Paging Receiver/Cap Lamp, meaning that this system may be marketed for use and used in underground gassy atmospheres. The system generally consists of a transmitter capable of sending communications that can be received as a text message by miners through their PED.


    2020-7-15 · communications 125s and spt-148s, sound powered telephones . 9b-92 gulton industries 10/31/78 model nos. 741301/703 and . femco division 741301/706, 12 vdc, battery-(transferred to operated loudspeaking mine femco, div of telephone (desk set) gaitronics) 9b-93 cse corp 12/11/78 models 123 and 124, 12 vdc, battery-powered mine

  • MSHA Technical Support Approval and

    2021-4-15 · Monthly Lists of Approved or Certified Products (Updated 04/17/2021) Product Listings. 00 Acceptances. Belt Wipers; Companies Holding Identification Numbers; Diesel Particulate Matter (DPM) Control Technologies; Electronic Detonators; Ground Wire Monitors; Hydraulic Hose; Impact Bars/Belt Wear Strip; Monitor and Power Systems (MAPS) Acceptance; Pulley Lagging

  • P12-V-04 Mine Safety and Health Administration

    2012-5-11 · § 75.313(e), two-way communication systems and electronic tracking systems that are approved by MSHA under 30 C.F.R. part 23 shall remain operational during fan stoppages or a mine power outage. Section 75.313(a)(1) requires that electrically-powered equipment and circuits be de-energized after main mine fan outages.

  • Miner & Equipment Tracking Products Underground

    Our MSHA-approved solutions for miner safety include the Miner and Equipment Tracking System (METS) from Matrix Design Group, a top-selling MSHA approved system which provides tracking, text pager communications and atmospheric monitoring all over a single coax cable.


    2014-3-27 · With respect to tracking, because MSHA-approved electronic systems currently are available for use throughout the industry, ERPs must provide for electronic tracking of persons underground. This guidance represents MSHA’s current thinking with respect to two-way communication and electronic tracking for use in mine emergencies.

  • MSHA Approves Mine Emergency Communications

    2011-7-21 · MSHA Approves Mine Emergency Communications System. The MagneLink™ Magnetic Communication System is a wireless, through-the-earth communication system developed by Lockheed Martin and tested


    2021-5-7 · MSHA requires that equipment used in gassy underground environments meet the requirements of Title 30, Code of Federal Regulations, Part 23. IWT was notified on June 15, 2020 that the SENTINEL Uniti System, which is comprised of the SENTINEL Uniti Node and power supply, had been approved. This approval means that the system can now be used to

  • MSHA-Approved Mining Products from HC Global

    2015-8-27 · Kenwood MSHA-Approved Two-Way Radios. The 90-Series TK-290/390 classic premium line is a stalwart mainstay for mining communications and is designed for use in these challenging environments. The top mount LCD provides simple aliases useful for multi-channel systems/users.

  • MSHA: 64 Percent Of Mines Lack Required

    2011-4-8 · MSHA: 64 Percent Of Mines Lack Required Communications. U.S. coal mine operators fall short of meeting a 5-year-old congressional mandate to equip underground mines with high-tech communication and tracking systems for miners.

  • New Survivable Tracking System for Coal Mines

    2011-6-29 · The Kutta DRUM® Tracking System can be paired with the Kutta DRUM® Communication system to offer mines a complete, MSHA approved, MINER Act compliant communications and tracking solution. Kutta Radios, Inc., a subsidiary of Kutta Technologies, Inc. designs and builds radios for the underground mining industry, first responders, and the US Army.

  • United States Department of Labor Mine Safety and

    2021-3-29 · including communications, tracking, and breathable air. Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations (30 CFR) MSHA conducts equivalency determination and publishes MSHA has approved several products based on independent laboratory test reports .

  • press 79us Draeger Gas Monitors Approved by MSHA

    2016-11-4 · Corporate Communications: Burkard Dillig Tel +49 451 882-2185 [email protected] Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA Moislinger Allee 53–55 23542 Lübeck, Germany Trade press: Marion Varec Tel +1 215 660 2186 [email protected] Dräger 3135 Quarry Road Telford, PA draeger Dräger Gas Monitors Approved by MSHA

  • MSHA Approval (Hazardous Location Mining

    Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) Federal regulations require mining products destined for use in underground coal & gassy underground mines, be approved or certified to MSHA (Mine Safety and Health Administration) standards or non-MSHA Product Safety Standards; equivalent to the applicable product approval requirements having the same degree of protection.

  • Belden 24awg 4pr, solid STP CAT5e MSHA 1000ft

    2021-4-27 · The Belden 7929A industrial CAT 5e cable features a heavy-duty sunlight and oil resistant black jacket. This shielded twisted pair cable has a #24 AWG solid conductor, four twisted pairs, and foil shields. This CAT 5e cable is compatible with RJ45 plug-type connectors. The Belden CAT 5e cable is CMR and CMX outdoor rated. MSHA approved. ><br>This industrial CAT 5e cable is sold in a 1000 ft

  • Cap lamps must be approved: MSHA

    2012-2-2 · “Non-approved cap lamps, including cordless, may look like approved cap lamps, and advertisements may imply that they are approved by MSHA,” officials said in its alert. “Each cap lamp taken into an underground coal mine must be MSHA approved.”