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  • Rail Capacity Potential Bug :: Making History: The

    Something is really screwy with calculating rail capacity in this last patch. I've been generating it for about 100 turns with no sales to other countries and my count at the moment is -7. I'm generating 9 per turn and it shows the supply rate as +3. <Edited title>

  • Railway capacity analysis KTH

    indicators are defined to describe capacity influencing properties of the infrastructure and the rail traffic. The rail network is divided into subsections for which the indicators have been estimated. This makes it possible to discern their different characteristics and identify potential weaknesses.

  • Delivering future rail capacity Rail Engineer

    The rail industry has an active innovation programme to develop the technologies required by the Rail Technical Strategy, some of which will provide additional capacity. Examples of technologies under development are SUSTRAIL, which could increase freight train speeds, and REPOINT, a radical new point design offering higher reliability and speed of operation, have much to offer. Both are

  • rail capacity potential greenpoint-village

    UK port upgrades key to rail freight potential. 2016-12-16 Capacity issues. The rail network, it adds, has its own congestion and capacity issues, and infrastructure investment is sorely needed: “The growth of the central and Eastern European logistics market, after extensive EU investment in road, rail and sea connections, shows the potential such investment can unlock.

  • Rail companies cut capacity as volume slides 20% Supply

    27/05/2020· Overall rail volume was down almost 21% year over year in week 20 (May 11 to May 17), according to UBS. "We note that auto plants have begun to reopen at reduced capacity and we expect to see some incremental lift in rail volumes in Week 21," UBS said in a research note last week.

  • Beyond Rail: The Transport Capacity Challenge an OnTrac

    14/09/2017· This considerably faster than either rail or air, which both face significant capacity challenges. Hyperloop would only be suitable for long journeys due the speeds achieved and the time taken to accelerate and decelerate the capsule. Given the early stage that such technology exists, it will face numerous engineering, technical and legislative challenges in the coming years. This makes its potential to alleviate capacity

  • Railway Track Capacity: Measuring and Managing

    systems engineering foundation toward railway capacity. From process improvement methods, Six Sigma and its Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control (DMAIC) cycle is chosen as the underlying framework of the thesis. Chapter 5 defines lean, micro and macro capacity utilisation based on the discrete nature of railway capacity. Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) is used to develop two novel

  • Performance or Capacity? Rail Engineer

    Irrespective of ATO and ETCS, performance and capacity can grow with incremental and innovative developments across the system, such as signalling better aligned to different trains’ braking potential, train braking distance reduction (and consistency) through better sanding for adhesion, conflicting train moves eliminated through infrastructure modifications and every improvement being hardwired into

  • High Speed Railway Capacity v13 conf

    Line capacity will depend on train performance, particularly braking and acceleration, length and how trains are controlled. How many trains can be run will

  • NTP 2019: Optimising the full potential of rail

    17/10/2019· Add to that the fact that the current movement of goods by rail is only 30% of total railway track capacity, with less than 5% of land freight being transported by rail — there is untapped potential for raising the use of rail to transport goods. Similarly, there is additional capacity on the existing KTM Komuter and intercity rail services which have the potential to be utilised. There is

  • The next steps for rail: challenges and opportunities

    03/03/2016· Despite a number of presentations and plethora of opinions, one clear message emerged from the next steps for the rail network in England event, held at the Royal Society. While the challenges of capacity and passenger satisfaction are not to be underestimated, the opportunities that a growing industry provides are to be embraced, for this is an unprecedented, and yes complex, time.

  • Potential railtrack capacity Levenmouth Rail Campaign

    13/01/2021· Potential railtrack capacity bottlenecks, especially related to the Forth Bridge, do present one cloud on an otherwise promising horizon for reconnecting Levenmouth to Scotland (and vice versa). The Greens Report notes "The Edinburgh-Perth and Dundee lines were built in the Victorian era and are too slow, with a long stretch of single-track route to Perth and sections with speeds as low as 30

  • The untapped potential of rail in the Cambridge region

    03/01/2016· The potential of rail Cambridge’s railway network already has a significant role in bringing people into the city, with an annual footfall of 12 million (2017/18) at both stations, equating to around 16,500 people every day.


    authorisation and funding, will increase customer capacity from circa 26,000 customers per hour per direction (2019) to circa 50,000-60,000 (peak) passengers per hour per direction under the National Development Plan investment and future growth capacity potential to 70,000-80,000

  • Crossrail, London Railway Technology

    Crossrail is a capacity enhancement rail project centred on London. It involves the laying of a new 118km rail track from Maidenhead and Heathrow in the west, to Shenfield and Abbey Wood in the east. The project will allow an additional 1.5 million people to

  • High-Speed Rail for Freight: Potential Developments

    It is estimated that current HST may carry around 100 tons, close to the capacity of a Boeing 747, 3 Airbus A310 or 7 Boeing 737 [1 G. Troche, "High-speed rail freight", In: Sub-Report in Efficient Systems for Freight Transport, KTH Railway Group Report 0512: Stockholm, 2005., 4 "Urocarex, Euro Cargo Express", Project of High-Speed European Rail Freight Service Connected to Airports and

  • Reading to Philadelphia Passenger Rail Analysis

    07/01/2021· • Infrastructure capacity investments that enable reliable and sustainable service including potential future passenger and/or freight growth, focusing on the Norristown-to-Reading portion of the corridor. This includes the expansion of critical capacity chokepoints such as Norristown Transportation Center and the Black Rock Tunnel.

  • Railgun Wikipedia

    The rails and projectiles must be built from strong conductive materials; the rails need to survive the violence of an accelerating projectile, and heating due to the large currents and friction involved. Some erroneous work has suggested that the recoil force in railguns can be redirected or eliminated; careful theoretical and experimental analysis reveals that the recoil force acts on the breech closure just as in

  • No ‘bomb trains’: 14 states aim to take new rule on LNG

    21/08/2020· Environmental advocates have nicknamed the proposed LNG rail cars “bomb trains,” for their potential explosive capacity. For Pennsylvania and New Jersey, the rule could prove to be